Eric Rothman

Eric Rothman


Eric Rothman is president of HR&A Advisors Inc., an industry-leading real estate and economic development consulting firm. He is a nationally-recognized expert in transit-oriented development and advises municipalities, transit agencies, institutions, and private and non-profit organizations to support transformative economic development, especially around urban transportation centers and public transit infrastructure. In New Jersey, Mr. Rothman has served as a development advisor to NJ Transit, the College of New Jersey for Campus Town, and several large-scale mixed-use developments. He also advises cities on issues at the intersection of technology, land-use and public policy, including helping to create a policy toolkit for cities to plan for the arrival of driverless cars. Prior to joining HR&A, Mr. Rothman served as director of business planning for Transport for London.



March 9, 2018
EVs, AVs, and the Future of Urban Growth and Redevelopment
Brunswick D
2:15  -  3:45